Optimize your service sales

byBrick QiK is a mobile sales tool that enables your field sales force to configure and quote a complete offering within minutes.

Our mission is to enable global industrial companies to become more efficient, proactive and responsive to customer requirements.

Empower your sales force with QiK - reach your full potential.

Time is a valuable asset

Using the face time with your customers efficiently is crucial to sales success.

Qik gives your sales force the ability to instantly transform customer requirements into customized quotes. This enables them to dramatically cut lead time and be less dependent on your back office.

To leave the customer with a tailored quote after a sales visit is the best “give away” they can get. After all - that’s why they agreed to meet you in the first place.

Quote based on customer needs

In a world of complex selling no customers or quotes are alike, and the need for customized offerings increases.

The QiK sales tool transforms customer needs into qualified recommendations as a baseline for your sales meeting.

This process embraces the uniqueness in every deal and turns it into an business advantage.

Being global, acting local

Adapting your business to local conditions can be a hard challenge when trying to harmonize a global portfolio of services and products.

QiK allows you to mix your global portfolio with local variations in terms of offering, language and pricing. With the powerful administration tool you can easily expand your sales solution to cover new markets.

This gives you the opportunity to adapt to regional conditions while maintaining control over your business.

What’s measured gets done

The sales pipeline is the foundation of your future business. The challenge lies in taking charge of it.

On a high-level you may know what you have in store for the upcoming business cycle, but the key insights are found in the details.

QiK lets you get on top of your data and proactively drive sales growth by allowing management to have instant and full transparency into all aspects and dimensions of sales performance - aggregated or broken down on individual level.

The QiK solution

The QiK sales tools platform is based on technology that fully integrates to your existing applications and enterprise systems. You can host it in your own IT-infrastructure using standard software, or in the cloud.

With our proven process of converting a diverse portfolio into a user friendly sales tool, you can be up and running sooner than you ever imagined. And as soon as you are ready for launch, the initial investment starts to pay off.

Let us help you get your quotes out there - and start selling!

Contact us @ qik@bybrick.se